Melka kennels
Established 1996
271 Ngapuhi Road
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Kaikohe 0440
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The miniature pinscher is a
hardy robust little dog.

Great little house dog and
companion.  With great stamina
and intelligence they make
remarkable obedience and
agility dogs.

They can be very strong willed
at times and need to be taught
the ground rules from day one.
Miniature Pinschers make lovely
family pets but remember they
are small they are great with
kids if the kids are gentle.

In all Miniature Pinschers are a
small sturdy short coated little
dog with a huge personality.

I recommend puppy training for
all puppies as it is good for their
socialisation  and helps you
with any training concerns that
you may have.

There are many web sites on the
internet where you can go to
find out as much as you like
about this amazing little dog.