Purely Pets Possum Patties

Possum Patties are made with Possum, heart, kidney and liver..  Why feed
Possum you might ask?  Possum meat is fantastic as an alternative to beef
and chicken. It is high in Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids and because it is a
new protein source many cats and dogs will do well on this food. The possum
eats a variety of foods such as fruit, grasses, fresh shoot, berries and leaves
and this is what makes Possum meat so special and we have made it so easy
for you to feed this special meat to your pet.  Each patty is approx 65 gms in
weight and free flow frozen. There are 16 patties in each 1 kilo packet. You
need only take what you need from the freezer, thaw and then offer to your
pet.  It should be fed raw.  Contains ground bone.

Not suitable as a sole diet.

1kg ( 16 patties)
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