Purely Pets Rabbit/Hare Patties

The patties are made up of 30 % Rabbit, 30 % Hare, 10% Heart, 10% Liver,
10% Kidney, and 10% Tripe. Rabbit is very digestible for both cats and dogs.
Rabbit is ideal for the allergy prone pets.  It is very lean, low in cholesterol, and
less calories than chicken, and beef. Furthermore, the type of fat found in
rabbit meat is comparable to that in fish, in terms of the composition of the
essential fatty acids. In other words, this is a very "heart-friendly" protein
source, and makes a great choice for allergic, overweight or sensitive pets.

There are no preservatives, colourings, or grains. Rabbit/Hare patties contain
fine ground up bone.

Daily Feeding Guideline:

Dogs- 1.5 patties per 5kgs of body weight          

Cats- 1.3 patties small cat/kitten, 1.5 patties med cat, 1.7 patties lg cat.

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