Purely Pets Tripe Patties

These Patties are made using green tripe and nothing else!

Each pattie weighs approx 65 grams and there are 16 patties per 1 kilo packet.

They are free flow frozen for convenience and ease of use.

Green tripe is used as an important part of any dogs diet.

Green Tripe is the best most natural food you can feed your K9 friend as part
of a balanced diet.

Tripe is the stomach of ruminating animals. The animal that the tripe comes
from has had to use enzymes and gastric juices to help break down the hay
and grass that it eats. These juices and enzymes help our K9 friends in the
same way when they eat the tripe. The amino acids are very important for
muscular development while the gastric juices help with removing tartar from

Not suitable as a sole diet.


1kg (16 patties)
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